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Mae Wa : แม้ว่า - Sek Loso - Loso Best Collection (CD)

9 thoughts on “ Mae Wa : แม้ว่า - Sek Loso - Loso Best Collection (CD)

  1. This collection by far is the best! There's absolutely no way & no how you can throw a Lao/ Thai house party without karaoking to Loso's jams. I am a big fan of Sek Loso ka.
  2. Fun, totally great concert. Oh, and Sek Loso was there, and he and Aed did that adorable motorcycle duet: “Elephants live in the forest. Harleys live on the road” You really, really should buy this DVD. BUY IT HERE at eThaiCD, where it is easy for English-speakers to shop.
  3. Lyrics to Sek Loso Som sarn: Gerd ma mai keree jer ? Since I was born I've never met anyone like you Lup fun lamer pahb ter koy lohn took keun I always dream about you in my sleep every night Lup long krao dai yahk non mai yom theun Every time I drift off.
  4. CD: Sek Loso - The Collection CD: เสก Loso: The Collection Release date: 18 June Track List 1. Chun mai sum-oiy: ฉันไม่สำออย 2. Korat blues (mai koi kwa krai): โคราชบลูส์ (ไม่น้อยกว่าใคร) 3. Mae wa: แม้ว่า 4. Om pra ma pood: อมพระ.
  5. Sek Loso "แม้ว่า"(Mae wa) So Cool "เลี้ยงส่ง"(Leang song) Palapol & Punch "ตาแดงแดง"(Ta daeng daeng) (DVDには更に4曲入っています。) Sua Yai "ขาดความอบอุ่น"(Kard kwam ob oon) Tiwa Hula Hula "Hula Hula" Cream "องศาเดียว.
  6. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Loso Best Collection on Discogs.

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